You already know your text should engage your audience. Do you know what will engage your audience? Speaking their language!


One of my favorite parts of what I do is to write for so many types of audiences. From professionals, to moms, to physicians and everything in between, you have to know the pain points of your audience to connect with them. I learn your business (quickly) to ensure that you become the expert in your field, the one they turn to for answers and direction.

Web Content

The first and most important part of any website is the content. Most people want to worry about the look of their site but we have to have content to build around. I write content for websites whether I am designing the site or not. Great content will keep your desired audience coming back.

Blog Entries

Many of my clients started as a blogger and now are speakers and book writers. They have thousands of people that subscribe to their blog so keeping content fresh is very important. As I work with you, I learn your style of writing and can write in your voice in order to keep the content coming for your readers.

Copy Writing

There's nothing better than great advertising (except great coffee). Whether it's print, TV or radio, copy writing helps sell you! From :30 second spots for your rehabilitation services to eLearning software, I've written all types of copy for all types of advertising. I'd love to work with you and come up with a unique ad that gets people excited about your company.



Whether it is for your newsletter, a guest article in a magazine or an expert take for an upcoming presentation, I can edit your article or take on the entire project for you, research and all.

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