Graphic Design 

I offer graphic design services for all of your web and print needs. With 100's of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram graphics on the web, e-newsletters, business cards, postcards, posters, flyers, pamphlets and everything in between, graphic design is at the very core of everything I do. Some samples of my work are below. 

Book covers, blog, social media campaigns and more are represented in the artwork below. Click on an item to learn more. 

Downloadable Booklet that was used for book pre-sales
Bible Study Guide- 45 pages, full color project
Book Cover
SM Artwork
Web Header
Event Poster for a Book Tour by author Roger Thompson
Social Media Ad - Screen 1 for the release of Gracelaced
Pinterest Artwork Series
Facebook Ad for True Color Hair Studio
Whatever you can think up, I can create. Can't think of anything? I'd be happy to help with that too!
Blog Header
Website Artwork
Social Media Artwork
Podcast header for a Wordpress Site
Footer for Mailchimp Emails
Blog Headers
Social Media Graphic Series
Pinterest Artwork

If you have a design need, I'll ask a few questions about the goal of the piece and take it from there. Or, if you have a design that just needs an updated look and feel, we can make that happen.


Logos are a great way to set yourself apart. Whether you have a logo and need it updated, or you need a new logo to get you started, I can create something that makes you feel great about putting your name out to potential clients.

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