When you're building your business, it's great to have some direction, feedback and another brain to work your ideas out to completion. 

During our consulting sessions, we'll work on the exact spot you are you are stuck. Whether you need to refine your message, decide on what your focus should be, get feedback on your logo (or get one designed), work on your website, or tie it all, you and I will come together and make it happen. 

Marketing for Beginners: $150

If you are just starting out, or you want all that effort you are putting in your business to really shine, let's get together and go over your marketing plan (or get one started). 

I'll walk you through the items you need to complete your brand, make social media work for you or help you refine your message. 

Marketing +: $300

Let's go even further with your business and really make an impact. In these three calls, I'll help you make a step-by-step plan, keep you accountable, give you ideas on how to take your message to the next level, reach the audience that will buy your books and invite you to speak at their next event.

Website Review- $150

Is your site a hot mess or just not performing? Let's figure out the why and how so you can build your business and capture your audience's attention.

Technology- $100

You've got a website, a mailing list set up, a Canva account and social media. BUT how do you make it all work together? In this one hour consultation, we'll get all the pieces working together. From Mailchimp to Instagram and everything Wordpress, let's propel your message forward together.

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